Lesbian Couple Therapy | To Bring Harmony into Your Relationship

Are you among lesbian couples dealing with infidelity and poor communication issues? Do you feel disconnected from your partner and find happiness while alone?

 Well, you are not alone as many couples are stuck in a similar boat. 

Probably you have tried finding a solution, but nothing seems to work, right? 

No need to worry. Realizing you have a problem and seeking help is the first step to bringing the happy old days back. 

Lesbian couple therapy is a valuable way to deal with setbacks and get great relationship advice. So, let us explore everything in detail about couple therapy. I assure you this article will be an excellent read for you.

Does Lesbian Couples Therapy Work?

Both heterosexual couples and same-sex couples share the same low and happy moments. Both relationships undergo struggles since the first date and even during marriage. 

 But same-sex couples undergo specific kinds of challenges that people usually ignore. Once lesbian couples understand these particular problems, it becomes easier to navigate and save the relationship. 

 Pointing out the problems and finding a lasting solution may sound easy, but I assure you it is not. In most cases, couples drift more apart when they attempt to solve the problem.

At this point, therapy is needed the most as it focuses on unique problems and offers a customized solution. But before we focus on lesbian couple therapy, let’s first understand the unique issues lesbian couples face.

Which Challenges Do Lesbian Couples Face?

Different Sexual Identity Stages

One of the most challenging times in a lesbian life is coming out and declaring their sexual orientation. Due to fear of discrimination and stigma by family and friends, many LGBT persons delay taking the first step.

But once they master the courage, they undergo different stages before sexual identity is achieved. Starting a relationship before both parties realize their sexual identity can lead to problems.

For instance, one partner might be ready for marriage and to have children while the other may have just started the identity journey. There will be a conflict of interests so you must do all in your power to save your lesbian marriage.

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Homophobia is when society shows negativity or prejudice against the LGBTQ community. Some people may use mean and defaming language when addressing gay and lesbian persons.

In some instances, these people are denied equal rights simply because of their sexual orientation. For example, LGBTQ persons may be denied their right to healthcare, employment, or protection because society sees them as morally wrong.

Homophobia can result in severe emotional instability. During such situations, the other partner should understand and offer moral support. If emotional support is not given, the affected partner may feel ignored and unloved. 

Rushing In

It’s women’s nature to express their feelings and emotions easily as compared to men. In this regard, women tend to rush into making serious decisions before giving them careful thought. 

So, when one party rushes into showing their love and commitment in the relationship, the other person may not be ready to take such steps. In such a case, one may feel unappreciated, resulting in problems in the relationship.

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Gender Roles

Lesbian couples are faced with the challenge of determining the gender role each party will assume. Society assumes that there should be feminine and masculine sides in a relationship. 

 As a result, the expectations put pressure on same-sex relationships. For instance, the feminine partner may feel overwhelmed with chores considered for women. 

 On the other side, the masculine partner may feel they contribute more to the relationship. So, a lack of clear gender roles may lead to problems.

How Does Lesbian Therapy Help? 

Couples should never underestimate the importance of going for lesbian marriage counseling (for gay marriage counseling click here). A lesbian couples therapist understands the unique problems same-sex couples face and walk the journey together. 

Note, therapists, do not direct couples on what to do. Instead, they guide them into making the right decision. Here is what lesbian couples counseling can do for your lesbian relationship. 

A Therapist Will Help With Your Gender Identity Issues 

A therapist will guide you and your partner on how to handle challenges in your different identity levels. Being comfortable and happy in your identity journey is a big step towards having a successful relationship. 

Similarly, the therapist (see ‘Transgender Therapist‘) will help both you and your partner attain the same gender identity levels. For a healthy relationship, you and your partner should achieve your identified goals, and the therapist is there to hold your hand. 

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A Therapist Will Assess The Situation Of Your Relationship

Are you experiencing anxiety due to family discrimination? Are you undergoing mental challenges as a lesbian? How about your sex life? Is your intimacy affected by the challenges you are facing?

 Maybe you communicate less than before? A therapist will assess the challenges your relationship is facing and offer the needed help. 

 A Therapist Will Help Determine Your Gender Roles

A therapist will help you and your partner decide on the roles each party will play amicably. No one in the relationship should feel insecure or as a failure because of the role they assume.

 A therapist, therefore, helps each partner in identifying their role and contributions in the relationship. 

How To Find A Couples Therapist That Will Save Your Lesbian Relationship

Gone are the days when therapy was carried with a lot of stigmas by society. The truth is couples are seeking help before the problems become extreme.

But how do you find the right therapist who will save your lesbian or gay relationship? Let’s find out.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is an online search tool featuring a national list of social workers, counselors, and psychologists licensed to provide couples therapy. 

The tools allow one to filter out therapists who specialize in gay, lesbian, or bisexual issues. If you want a gay therapist, lesbian, or bisexual therapist, the tools will also filter them out for you. The app also helps you, identity therapists, in your area. 


Asking your local LGBTQ community for referrals is an excellent way of finding the ideal therapist. Several lesbians or gay men must have consulted a therapist and told you the truth regarding their services. 

Online Counseling

With our plates full of responsibilities and commitments, finding time to attend counseling has not been easy. The truth is tight schedules have to lead to fewer couples opting for therapy. Luckily, technology has brought much-needed help.

 In this day and age, you and your partner can attend therapy at the comfort of your home through online counseling. So, go for therapists who offer online sessions, and you will enjoy every bit of your therapy journey. 

LGBTQIA+ Couple’s and Relationship Counseling

LGBTQ community is fighting for their rights to be heard, understood, and accepted as ordinary people in the community. The struggle to end the discrimination, stigma, and prejudice is slowly but surely gaining fruit.

Before, these marginalized groups did not have anyone to run to in times of need. No books were talking about same-sex relationships. These people could only find tv programs discussing heterosexual relationships. 

The stories all over social media were nothing close to what they would like to hear. Love songs and poems were always one-sided. Luckily, things are starting to look promising. Today, society is understanding and respecting their sexuality.

Couples today can access therapy from any corner of the world. Even better, there are gay and lesbian therapists who understand the struggles first hand. 

So, LGBTQ relationships can overcome the pain and struggles if a therapist with the right set of skills is brought on board.  

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The Parting Shot

Every couple, regardless of their sexual orientation, can mend their relationship and restore their past partnership. But, each partner should know their identity. Your identity is part of your life, and it affects your everyday living. So, make a smart move today and protect your love. Go for couple’s counseling today and enjoy the many benefits. Enjoy as your therapist brings you back to the same team, help rekindle the passion, intimacy and restore happiness you once felt.

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