Gay Marriage Counseling | Finding the Right Therapy for Same-Sex Couples

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Many couples find themselves arguing over the same things and experiencing trouble with communication and intimacy. These challenges are seen across all types of relationships, including in straight and gay couples. According to research by Dr. Gottman and colleagues, all couples experience the same problems and often use the same solutions to ensure long-term relationships … Read more

Marriage Counseling in Spanish | To Overcome the Language Barrier

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If you’re married to a Spanish-speaking person, language can be a tough barrier to overcome. Most married couples find it challenging to communicate with their Spanish partner, but several external sources help. If you’re a newly married couple, don’t worry. Marriage counseling in Spanish is one of the best ways for partners to express their … Read more

Blended Family Counseling | To Overcome All Challenges and Live a Happy Life

Couple playing in the kitchen with daughters

A blended family is a family that has at least one step-parent or adoptive parent, where children are part of the household. This occurs when a single parent remarries and brings offspring into the new marriage. When children from different families combine to form a single home, they often conflict over many issues, including discipline, … Read more

LGBTQ Premarital Counseling | To Prepare for a Happy Marriage the Right Way

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Many relationship experts advocate for premarital counseling before getting married. Couples therapy helps them address the various difficulties they might be going through before ultimately tying the knot.  This article discusses couples counseling for gay and lesbian couples and its impact on their relationships. What Issues Does Marriage Counseling Help Solve for LGBT Couples? Just … Read more

Marriage Counseling | How Can You Benefit From Expert Marital Advice?

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Marriage is hard. It takes a lot of work to sustain a healthy relationship, and sometimes that work isn’t enough.  If your marriage is struggling and you’ve reached a point where the two of you don’t communicate anymore, the best treatment is to talk with a professional counselor specializing in relationships. There are certainly ways … Read more

LGBT Couples Counseling | How Can Your Relationship Benefit From Expert Help?

A gay couple and a therapist talking

Are you looking for solutions to your relationship problems? Do not grow apart, as there are ways to improve your LGBT relationship. You can do this in many ways, but one of the most effective is LGBTQ couples counseling. Relationship counseling will help you and your partner work on relationship issues and improve your communication … Read more

Bilingual Marriage Counseling | Seek Expertise in the Language of Love

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There’s no doubt that communicating with your spouse can be difficult when you don’t have the same native language, especially when it comes to emotions. On top of that, finances, career life, raising kids, personal issues, and just life can put a lot of stress on your marriage. However, couples therapy, particularly bilingual couples therapy, … Read more