MTF vs FTM | Everything You Need to Know in One Detailed Guide

a person with gender identity disorder

The incompatibility between the physical phenotypes of persons and their conceptions about gender is called transgender identity and gender dysphoria. It is possible that a broader understanding of medicine is to blame for the rising prevalence. However, differences in brain anatomy as they pertain to biology and sexual orientation are becoming more widely studied factors … Read more

Intersex vs. Transgender | What Are the Differences You Should Know?

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Some kids are often born with sets of features that do not readily lend themselves to being categorized as either “male” or “female.” We refer to individuals whose bodies fall along the enormous continuum separating “male” and “female” as intersex people. We predicate being transgender based on an individual’s intuitive understanding of gender identity. The … Read more

Am I a Lesbian? | How to Know if You’re Attracted to Women

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Am I a lesbian? One prominent lesson in recent decades is that sexuality isn’t binary; there’s a wide spectrum of sexual orientation. Sexual identity is slow pace self-discovery journey that can be confusing, especially in a society that stigmatizes lesbian relationships, and being a lesbian isn’t defined by dressing, talking, or walking; rather, it’s self-identification. … Read more

Lesbian Relationship Issues | Resolve Your Intimate and Intense Problems!

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Lesbian relationship issues are prevalent, just like in any other love relationship. Many lesbians feel like they have an even more difficult time dealing with relationship issues because they do not have the same support network as straight couples. In this article, we will go over some problems that lesbians face in their relationships: Lesbian … Read more

Transgender Therapist | Get Help and Support You Need and Deserve

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Living in a society that constantly dehumanizes you and fails to respect your rights can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for the vast majority of the transgender population. They constantly face harassment, violence, degradation, and unfair stereotypes heaped on them because of who they are. The unfair treatment and hateful actions … Read more

Gay Marriage Counseling | Finding the Right Therapy for Same-Sex Couples

Gay couple at a therapist

Many couples find themselves arguing over the same things and experiencing trouble with communication and intimacy. These challenges are seen across all types of relationships, including in straight and gay couples. According to research by Dr. Gottman and colleagues, all couples experience the same problems and often use the same solutions to ensure long-term relationships … Read more

Lesbian Relationship Advice | To Help You Keep the Spark Alive & Love Thrive

Lesbian couple and the therapist

Dating and romance between lesbians can get complicated, especially when couples have been together for a long time. The spark dies out and what remains is a dull, almost lifeless union. Relationships take commitment and intentionality. Couples have to decide to work as a team for it to work, despite the many challenges they may … Read more

Gay Sex Therapist | Guidance to Sexual Enjoyment and Fulfillment

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Do gay men and lesbian couples need sex therapy? Gay and lesbian individuals in the LGBT community have a lot of challenges in their relationships and sexual expression. However, finding suitable sex therapists is very challenging. It can be difficult to distinguish qualified sex therapists with extensive experience from fraudsters. The only way to receive … Read more