Lesbian Relationship Advice | To Help You Keep the Spark Alive & Love Thrive

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Dating and romance between lesbians can get complicated, especially when couples have been together for a long time. The spark dies out and what remains is a dull, almost lifeless union. Relationships take commitment and intentionality. Couples have to decide to work as a team for it to work, despite the many challenges they may … Read more

Gay Marriage Counseling | Finding the Right Therapy for Same-Sex Couples

Gay couple at a therapist

Many couples find themselves arguing over the same things and experiencing trouble with communication and intimacy. These challenges are seen across all types of relationships, including in straight and gay couples. According to research by Dr. Gottman and colleagues, all couples experience the same problems and often use the same solutions to ensure long-term relationships … Read more

Transgender Therapist | Get Help and Support You Need and Deserve

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Living in a society that constantly dehumanizes you and fails to respect your rights can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for the vast majority of the transgender population. They constantly face harassment, violence, degradation, and unfair stereotypes heaped on them because of who they are. The unfair treatment and hateful actions … Read more

Holistic Therapy Near Me | For Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Thrive

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Maybe you’ve come here without little knowledge but some curiosity, so you’ve googled “holistic therapy near me.” But perhaps you’ve indeed tried it but want to find a holistic mental health practitioner near you. Online holistic therapy is also an option. And this type of counseling can be tailored to everyone to help them arrive … Read more

Marriage Counseling | How Can You Benefit From Expert Marital Advice?

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Marriage is hard. It takes a lot of work to sustain a healthy relationship, and sometimes that work isn’t enough.  If your marriage is struggling and you’ve reached a point where the two of you don’t communicate anymore, the best treatment is to talk with a professional counselor specializing in relationships. There are certainly ways … Read more

Gay Sex Therapist | Guidance to Sexual Enjoyment and Fulfillment

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Do gay men and lesbian couples need sex therapy? Gay and lesbian individuals in the LGBT community have a lot of challenges in their relationships and sexual expression. However, finding suitable sex therapists is very challenging. It can be difficult to distinguish qualified sex therapists with extensive experience from fraudsters. The only way to receive … Read more

LGBT Relationship Counseling | Is It Time For an Expert Therapist?

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Same-sex couples face challenges similar to those of straight couples, aside from challenges with sexual orientation. LGBT couples counseling can help gay and lesbian couples navigate the various hurdles of being in a same-sex relationship. Additionally, a couple’s therapist can help gay couples learn how to increase intimacy and develop a therapeutic alliance, especially in … Read more

Lesbian Couple Therapy | To Bring Harmony into Your Relationship

Lesbian couple at therapy

Are you among lesbian couples dealing with infidelity and poor communication issues? Do you feel disconnected from your partner and find happiness while alone?  Well, you are not alone as many couples are stuck in a similar boat.  Probably you have tried finding a solution, but nothing seems to work, right?  No need to worry. … Read more